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Test-css Wiki

Create a page to start testing!

Anyone can create their own page by clicking on the button in the top right corner (it may takes a moment to load). Once you created your page, put your nickname in the title of the page and test your coding there. Please don't put your username as page names.

Testing Rules

➢ Do not edit other's pages unless permissions have been given!

➢ Do not create any spam pages!
If you do create a spam page on purpose you will be given a warning

➢ Try your best to not make your code have major glitches.
If it did happen and you don't know how to fix it, please contact a staff member.

If the glitch is too serious that people can't click on anything, a staff member will remove it for you.

➢ Do not spam categories!
Categories such as 'sssssss' and 'aaaaa' are not allowed here! Do not add categories that are not needed.

➢ Do Not Edit farm!
Adding unneeded edits and delete them, something like getting edits in a bad way and you add 1 same thing to every page will get you banned.

➢ Do Not Badge farm!
Badge farming is adding unneeded stuff to get badges. It will also get you banned.

➢ Do Not steal other's codes!
Stealing a code that is not yours will get you a warning! This rule applies to everyone. Do not steal, it's bad! Unless permissions have been given and giving credits, it will be okay

➢ Do Not make duplicate warning badges/templates!
If you seen an important/warning template has already been made, please don't make another one.
If you want to create your own warning template that already existed, please credit the inspiration and put your name in the template, so other users won't be confused.

➢ Do Not make your testing page your full username.
Make your testing page half your username for an example "Henlo's testing page". And not "Henlo3472's testing page".
This will not get you warning, but if you do it again you will.

If you have any questions about the editing rules, please contact Regina.

If you break any of the rules, you will be given a warning .

You will be banned after 3 warnings!