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Coding Help Wikia April 5th, 2021 Thread Moderator, Content Moderator
Coding Tests Wiki April 27th, 2021 Admin, Bureaucrat, Founder
The Power Characters Wikia May 14th, 2021 Thread Moderator, Content Moderator
Moana Fanon Wiki N/A Thread Moderator, Content Moderator
All About Your Pet Wiki June 4th, 2021 Admin, Bureaucrat, Co-Founder
Encanto Wiki July 13th, 2021 Thread Moderator, Content Moderator
Geronimo Stilton Wiki July 15th, 2021 Thread Moderator, Discord Moderator
Cat Lovers Community Wiki N/A Admin, Bureaucrat
Milk and Mocha Bears Wiki N/A Thread Moderator, Content Moderator
Pokefarm Fanon Wiki August 20th, 2021 Thread Moderator, Admin

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