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Currently listening to "If I Could Fly" by One Direction and "Our Town" by who other than the Irish man himself, Niall Horan :D

Currently reading: Projekt 1065 by Alan Gratz

Currently on fandom :)


~School started! (yey)

~Going to be a bit inactive during the school year

~I just made this new Profile myself :D

(Inspo: @ZaraOfArendelle)

Romka's Friend[]

Hello! If you have this wonderful badge, it means you're Romkha's friend. You must have helped her code, been very nice to her, made cool nicknames for her, had nice chats together, subscribed to her YouTube channel, or whatever you have done, she's very proud to be your friend. She appreciates you being her friend. If you're her best friend, she'll be sending you a gift...NOW!!! Enjoy your life! Romkha's happy to have you on her side. Congrats! Use this badge when this badge i given to you by Romkha!

Rivie's Friend!

If you have this badge, River is one of your friends. Though you don't or may never know each other personally, Rivie values you as a friend and person in general.

You probably did something to her that made her feel good, laugh, or smile. Either that, or you were nice to her in a message or discussions post. River is grateful to have you by her side.

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~Star's Friend!~

Hello! If you have this badge, Star (or Ireland) thinks of you as her friend! She thinks you are the best, and you have bonded over weird things (whether it's coding or random things) and she loves you for it :)

Hey! Welcome to my profile :)