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Welcome to my about page! I wasn't lazy, so I decided to custimize it. Don't leave yet please.


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Towards the Sun (Home) ~ Rihanna

Save Your Tears (Remix) ~ The Weeknd & Arianna

Note: I do NOT listen to these. I found them on the internet. Just a suggestion to listen to (if you're allowed to listen to music OFC)

About Me[]

Hello! My name is Romkha (she/her). I'm a 13-year-old female. I'm Muslim and I listen to Quran. I like coding WikiText. If you have any other questions, make sure to ask me. Now since you read this, take this quiz!

Bio Status Navigation[]

Busy: Coding or playing a video/board game.

Offline: Out with my family or too lazy to do anything.

Online: Ready to help. Do not disturb: Sleeping or resting.

Away: Trolling in real life or wetting people.

⚠️ If you want to use, Please credit. ⚠️

Coding Requests[]

I accept codig requests. If you want some kind of design, feel free to message me via message wall. I'll make you what you want. I mostly accept WikiText requests because it's the most easiest. However, if you need help with CSS or other coding, I'll still try to help you. :D

Wikis I'm On[]

Prodigy Math Game Wiki Status: Active

Prodigy Math Game Fanon Wiki Status: Semi-Active

Clash Royale Wiki Status: Temporarily Inactive

Roblox Wiki Status: Temporarily Inactive

Among Us Wiki Temporarily Inactive

Anime Wiki Status: Semi-Active

Among Us Fanon Wiki Status: Semi-Active

Miraculous Ladybug Wiki Status: Temporarily Inactive


Chat Hangout ~ Add me as your friend in Discord and I'll accept your friend request and send you the link to my chat hangout Discord server.

My coding wiki

Secret Whispers

YouTube Channel

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Twitter Account


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If you want a cool background for your quotes, contact me and I'lll be happy to make one for you. (・ω・)

Other Things[]


I am

• Give me a 🖼️ and I'll make a Picrew of how I imagine you.

• Give me a 🔊 and I'll give you an amazing sound file.

• Give me a ♥️ if you love me.

• Give me a 🎨 and I'll draw you a masterpiece.  


⚠️ If you want to use, Please credit. ⚠️