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Medals Information

by Romkha

What Are Medals?

Medals are like badges you earn. They can be found to the right of your profile. They're given to you by doing something like being 1 month on a wiki.

How To Customize

You can customize your medals by going to your wiki's medal page. The link is: https://your-wiki-name.fandom.com/wiki/Your_Wiki's_Name:Badges.

Role Medals

Role medals are medals that are given to you when you have a specific role like administrator.

Content Moderator: Congrats! You're a Content Mod!

Thread Moderator: Great! You're a Thread Mod!

Rollback: Nice! You're a Rollback!

Apprentice: This user is an apprentice, which means he/she's a helper for our wiki.

Edit Count Medals

Edit Count medals are medals that you get when you have a specific amount of edits like 5555 or something.

5555th Edit!: Awesome job! You've edited on this wiki for the 555th time!


There are many other medals that you earn like being one month on a wiki!

1 Month on the Wiki!: Nice! You have joined this wiki for over 1 month!

Demoted: Better luck next time!

Staff: If you have this medal, you are a staff member!