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Test-css Wiki

Here are the rules for all users on this wiki:

1. NO Spamming (pages, posts, or categories).

2. DO NOT edit other's pages.

3. NO bad words on this wiki.

4. DO NOT create unnecessary pages/posts.

5. DO NOT advertise on the Wiki Discussions.
   You CAN advertise by putting your Wiki(s) on the Main Page slider though.
6. DO NOT impersonate anyone else.

7. Respect ALL staff and users on this wiki.

8. NO mature or inappropriate images/references allowed!

9. NO disrespect or hate of any kind!
No matter the color of your skin, who you love, what your gender is, or what religion you follow, everyone is welcome here!

10. NO scams or rick rolls of any kind.

11. DO NOT have inappropriate usernames, if you do then you'll be banned. (inappropriate usernames are usernames that have any bad word in it, may offend someone, or are not suitable for young viewers to see)


Rules update all the time, so keep a watch on it!

Here are the Staff Rules:

Staff Rules

Discussion Moderators: Do not lock any post without a valid reason, do not be rude on the discussions, delete inappropriate posts.
Content-Moderators: Delete spam categories, fix broken/glitched codes, do not lock any pages without permission.
Rollbacks: Do not rollback any edits unless they are inappropriate or glitched codes.
Administrators: Do not block any users without a valid reason, Do not give anybody thread moderator rights.
Bureaucrats: Do not give anyone any role without permission.

Protection Rules
Rules and Important Pages (like MediaWiki:Wikia.css) = Protect only admins
Test pages = Protect only auto-confirmed users
Other pages = no protection

Deletion rules
If you're a Content Moderator, add {{Oh noes!}} if a page should be deleted. Other staff members will review it and check it before deletion

For all staff abusing your roles will result in block and removal from your roles

Any violation of the rules may result in a permanent ban.
If you're not sure about the rules or you think some of them are unfair, please contact a Staff member.

You can also contact Regina if you have a rule to add.